is an informational website designed to help those who want to understand the global economy.

The global economy includes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services around the world.

Key producers of all products and services include: governments; businesses; other organizations; and individuals.

The study of economics is often divided into macroeconomics and microeconomics – where macroeconomics involves looking across most or all of the global economy, and microeconomics involves the analysis of a single industry, a single line of business, or a single company.

This site covers multiple ways that government officials, academics, and private sector businesses analyze the global economy.

We do, however, give the most amount of analysis to analyzing the economy by industry as the preferred method because of the reality that online commerce has made country statistics far less relevant, as Internet transactions are not tightly bound to a geographic presence. In addition, analyzing the global economy by (granular) industry is the most relevant for those making business decisions.

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